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Welcome to Energy Soirée

A Place of Knowing, A Place of Healing

Healing of self is a universal right. We are beings of light, vibrational entities living in this space with forgotten knowledge of our true divine power of health, love, and abundance. Our living journey is the journey of discovery. Discovery of truth, for it is in our innate nature to find it. We live, we search. We search, we long for oneness. This is the divine secret of the universe, our Love of One, our Love of Self and thus our Love of the Universe.

Energy Soirée thus is a point in, one of many, but nevertheless an attempt to connect us with our own divine power of love. A Soirée of Love.

Find your vibrational self if you have lost it, join in with your inner child if you have forgotten it, smile at the day in front of you with knowledge of ultimate love. Be part of yourself that makes you wonder, makes your body tingle, and brings joy to the world. And maybe Energy Soirée is just a way in.

Be Love, As Love is You.

Tanya Bennett

About Me

We are all unique and beautiful flowers blooming in the world of love, in our own versions of sacred divine space. My personal connection with spirit started at an early age growing up in Ukraine, where sprit work and connection with divine is more commonly accepted and practiced throughout. After losing touch with my personal acknowledgement of divine spirit though my developmental years, all that was “not so” came to a complete halt during my personal awakening in 2017. Ever since, my personal journey of development took many interesting turns and moments of aha, all guided by divine intervention along the way.

Now, I’m strongly passionate to share the gift of healing with everyone and help each and every being to connect with their own divine right of self-healing and ultimate connection to the love of oneness. I'm a channeler, energy worker, healer, author and an advocate of self abundant love. 

In essence, energy work has no limit in its application. In the process of continuous development, I constantly come across new and unique ways of working with subtle energies of the universe and applying their unique frequencies to healing and realignment with the spirit of the divine. In our true connection to the divine we are able to perform miracles and guide our own personal path into growth for the highest good of ourselves and those around us.

I Welcome you to Energy Soirée and wish you loving connections.

When one sees the world through the lens of Love,
one holds unlimited potential.