• Energy Soirée

Energy Soirée

Working With the Subtle Energies of Our Divine Spirit to Bring in Love

In passion for life and love lies an opportunity for healing. When we are in alignment with the divine, miracles flow. Never can our spirits be separate when the oneness of the universe flows through us. Our services are love, but to create cohesion, love must be seen, felt, and experienced. So Experience the Love you Deserve.

Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki

When one connects to the spirit of the souls, the love of the divine flows in through the spirit, facilitating miraculous healing within. The love of the divine spirit shines through, flooding our bodies with light, and allowing healing to take space. Connect with Love of the universe and see the change within.

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Intuitive Readings and Oracle Cards

Enter into a unique experience of knowing you, opening new gateways to your higher self and aligning yourself with your true potential. Intuitive readings through a multitude of forms and experiences generate a beautiful way to tune you in with higher self guidance and divine purpose while finding yourself aligning to your true path, your true north.

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Dowsing is a sublime art coming from ancient times with incredible history throughout the ages. By connecting with body and Earth's subtle energies, the art of dowsing allows us to tune in with the Earth's natural energies, acting as an interface with the divine. Dowsing services can be applied to a number of areas, with virtually no limit.

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Space Clearing

Space clearing services encompass a large variety of applications and techniques to remove and balance out unwanted or unbalanced areas of your home, business, public space, or community. Often times, the energies of the space have an adverse effect of their inhabitants, blocking energetic flows, generating adverse reactions, and at times even debilitating one's health.

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Grid Work

Energy grid work is an ancient science tracing back before our time. Using our natural earth-body energy connection, we are able to work with various types of energy flows and energy charges to transmute, manipulate. and realign energies to any specific purposes, energy type, or outcome. Using natural lay lines, water lines, and grids we are able to align ourselves and our environment for better, loving outcomes that harmonize us with the cosmic consciousness of oneness and love.

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