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Space Clearing

Working With the Subtle Energies of Our Divine Spirit to Bring in Love

Space clearing services encompass a large variety of applications and techniques to remove and balance out unwanted or unbalanced areas of your home, business, public space, or community. Often times, the energies of the space have an adverse effect of their inhabitants, blocking energetic flows, generating adverse reactions, and at times even debilitating one's health.

First working in the subtle energy environment, I evaluate the space, determine its current energetic state of being, and evaluate the necessary adjustments that might be necessary to bring the space into balance. Working with the subtle energies of spirit and internal knowing, I clear the space, releasing and/or realigning it with the natural energy flow, and offer advice and solutions to resolve any ongoing energetic blocks that might cause the imbalances to reoccur.

Home and general space clearing is a great way to facilitate harmonious living leading to prosperity, radiant relationships, harmonious marriages, better health and, overall uplifting feelings of joy, balance and love. Clearing can be done on any space or home, whether you’ve lived in the space for a long time or are simply planning on moving in. Additionally, home cleaning works amazing for properties going for sale to facilitate a smooth and quick selling transaction.

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Geopathic Stress and Geomancy

Because natural earth energetic flows can greatly affect the energy and well being of individuals occupying or using the space/land, identifying geopathic stress is essential in functioning in harmonious balance and positive energy in our homes, businesses, and land. Through geomancy reading and earth dowsing we can identify any negative geopathic stress spots, interrupting ley lines and any other unbalanced energies, and transform them into harmoniously balanced places by using techniques such as earth acupuncture, space cleaning, and energy work.