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Dowsing Services

Working With the Subtle Energies of Our Divine Spirit to Bring in Love

Dowsing is a sublime art coming from ancient times with incredible history throughout the ages. By connecting with body and Earth's subtle energies, the art of dowsing allows us to tune in with the Earth's natural energies, acting as an interface with the divine. Dowsing services can be applied to a number of areas, with virtually no limit and performed remotely for any location. Here are the most common dowsing application and services we offer.

Water Dowsing

Water dowsing is a technique of finding underground water for well digging or well tapping. Dowsing services not only facilitate a cost effective and reliable identification of water, it also works in reliably identifying water depth and predicting potential water flow rate of the source.

Lost Pet Dowsing

Animal dowsing is a great way to assist owners in brining their lost pet back home after they went missing. Through various dowsing techniques I'm able to offer a narrow down areas of where the pet can be found, identify pet routes, provide visual descriptions of pets location, and perform animal communication to assist you in getting more detail and information on the lost pet, pet condition and any additional information that might be helpful in assisting in find the animal.

Additionally, through energy work I'm able to set up "message beacons" to assist pets in finding their way back home.

Geopathic Stress and Geomancy

Because natural earth energetic flows can greatly affect the energy and well being of individuals occupying or using the space/land, identifying geopathic stress is essential in functioning in harmonious balance and positive energy in our homes, businesses, and land. Through geomancy reading and earth dowsing we can identify any negative geopathic stress spots, interrupting ley lines and any other unbalanced energies, and transform them into harmoniously balanced places by using techniques such as earth acupuncture, space cleaning, and energy work.

Mineral/Ore Dowsing

Mineral and Ore Dowsing is used in identifying various types of minerals and deposits underground. An extremely cost effective technique, compared to the alternative costs of repetitive mineral sampling/excavation.

Lost Objects Dowsing

Finding lost objects, even houses is a fun and whimsical way to apply dowsing techniques. Dowsing techniques are used to find any type of lost treasures.