• Energy Soirée

Grid Work

Working With the Subtle Energies of Our Divine Spirit to Bring in Love

Energy grid work is an ancient science tracing back before our time. Using our natural earth-body energy connection, we are able to work with various types of energy flows and energy charges to transmute, manipulate. and realign energies to any specific purposes, energy type, or outcome. Using natural lay lines, water lines, and grids we are able to align ourselves and our environment for better, loving outcomes that harmonize us with the cosmic consciousness of oneness and love.

All grid work projects are truly unique and require project to project assessment, evaluation, and ultimate design. Working with ancient sciences of sacred geometry and sacred knowledge, we are able to align our environment to coherent state of exitance with the divine.

Triangulation Grids

Triangulation grids essentially act as energetic blankets that cover the land with Love. Through the forms of sacred geometry and energy charging, setting up triangulation grids allows realignment of energies within the area and around, facilitates balancing of any unwanted energy, and reduces energy pollution. Triangulation grids can function as stand alone objects, or could be conjoined together to build a larger grid extending to virtually any size. Depending on the desired areas of focus, triangulation energy grids can be as small as a room, or as large as our planet. Once multiplanetary, the universe is the limit.