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Intuitive Readings

On the Path to Self Knowledge and Personal Awakening

Enter into a unique experience of knowing you, opening new gateways to your higher self and aligning yourself with your true potential. Intuitive readings through a multitude of forms and experiences generate a beautiful way to tune you in with higher self guidance and divine purpose while finding yourself aligning to your true path, your true north.

Channeled Readings - 90 Minutes

Channeled readings are always unique, tailored to you, and facilitate true resonance of your being. It is an experience filled with beauty, light and love.

Our true alignment of self lives in the connection to our own divinity. As a unique bloom of life, we often find ourselves on paths of pivot, reevaluation, change, and growing. Channeled readings offer you an opportunity to look within, find yourself and intimately know your true beautiful self. Our own unique way of living, being, and growing is always guided and supported, all one has to do is listen. I invite you to find yourself within.

In a tailored reading, I will read your internal connection and relationship with your higher self, your spirit, connection with divine, your senses, your application of self in love, work, relationship, and life and offer guidance, all to further align you and tune you in to the path of your highest self, your highest good.

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