Welcome to Energy Soirée

A Place of Knowing, A Place of Healing

Working with our natural healing and energy resonance abilities allows us to accomplish miracles. As our life itself is one incredible journey of a miracle, we gain our internal knowledge of the truth, and through practice and community sharing pass that knowledge on to the oneness of all, all around us. The ultimate hope for the world is to awaken to our natural abilities and frequencies of love to become at peace within.

Be Love, As Love is You.

Our Mission

Energy work essentially has no limit in its application potential; any miracle can be performed at any time, even outside of our time-space continuum. Activating healing and balancing energies of our bodies, mind, and spirit is as simple as lifting a cup of delicious tea. The ecstasy of love and belief are the only two things needed for any healing to take place. By working with natural energies, we are able to perform miracles, and it is everyone’s birthright to do so. I invite you to join in the awakening of your true self and the belief in the divinity of your true reality.

I welcome you to join the regular Soirée’s, participate in the meditations, explore the services, engage with our blog, and be part of our community of Love.

Upcoming Events

  • Cacao Ceremony

    Join us for a cacao ceremony of universal love while we alight our energies with prosperity, health and gratitude. A spiritual sacred gathering facilitating a heart opening journey into your soul self while alighting with energetic healing, receiving clarity in areas of love, life purpose, amplified intuitive abilities, and general guidance for personal growth.

  • Dowsing & Prophecy

    Interested in learning the art of dowsing and divination with dowsing rods and pendulums? Join our dowsing workshop to learn more about the magical art of dowsing divination and how to apply its various techniques in everyday living.

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