• Energy Soirée

Intuitive Energy Healing

Working With the Subtle Energies of Our Divine Spirit to Bring in Love and Health

When one connects to the spirit of the souls, the love of the divine flows in through the spirit, facilitating miraculous healing within. The love of the divine spirit shines through, flooding our bodies with light, and allowing healing to take space. Connect with Love of the universe and see the change within.

I offer a variety of energetic healing utilizing many modalities for online/remote clients. Explore, learn more, and prepare for radiant health.

Specialized Healing - 90 Minutes

Because our bodies are as unique as the droplets of water in the sea, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to healing modalities. After an exploratory conversation of you, your body, mind, and spiritual goals, I will design a tailored dynamic healing approach addressing your specific needs to facilitate release of unbalanced energies and promote alignment. Each healing session is customized intuitive for you and your needs and will utilize a combination of therapeutic energy healing modalities combined with powerful vibrational healing techniques.

Sessions are facilitated online/remote, and work great in this capacity. While in the remote session, you will lay comfortably in the comfort of your home, while I initiate healing modalities realigning your body to your natural healthy way of being.

After each session, you will find yourself fully relaxed, rejuvenated, and balanced in all aspects of your life.

Online/Remote Sessions


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